School News

The mission of the Fulton County Area Vocational Technical School (FCAVTS), in partnership with the Central Fulton, Forbes Road and Southern Fulton School Districts, is to provide a quality education to all secondary students attending vocational programs. To accomplish this mission, students have the opportunity to maximize their potential and acquire and update marketable technical skills through comprehensive, diverse and integrated vocational programs.

The purpose of the programs offered through the FCAVTS is to prepare students for a specific career objective or for advancement into post-secondary education through technical instruction. Students attend specialized technical classes for three periods per day in addition to their regular academic studies. Most of the instruction that students receive is “hands-on” in nature and provides an opportunity to apply learning in “real life” situations. Students are able to choose between four Career Clusters when scheduling classes. Within these four clusters students will select a specific program area. All concentrators of FCAVTS programs will take an Occupational Competency Assessment (NOCTI or other PDE approved test). Upon achieving an advanced score on this exam, students will receive a Pennsylvania Skills Certificate, which is a nationally recognized certification of competence in their career area.

Depending on the related academic studies that are scheduled students may complete a “tech prep” program which will aid in the transition from secondary to post-secondary education. Students may also receive post-secondary credit for courses taken in high school through this articulated agreement with the

The FCAVTS curriculum represents a consistent method of program delivery under each cluster area. All students progress through a logical sequence of courses from the 10th through 12th grades.

In order to be considered an FCAVTS program concentrator, students must meet all FCAVTS and school district requirements.